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From 12 to 15 June 2018 Florence hosted one of the most anticipated events of the fashion system of the year. Let’s have a glance to what we’ve seen, from the sport to the elegant look during the days of the fair and of course to guys from all over the world mandatorily wearing shorts and high socks by now a timeless trend. And then the exhibition that showed how football managed to become a sound element within the fashion world. It’s “FANATIC FEELINGS”, the exhibition by Markus Ebner – founder of the German magazines Achtung Mode and SEPP Football Fashion – and Francesco Bonami, art critic of Florentine origins. Being an exhibition dedicated to the influence of football in the fashion world, it could not miss the most fashionable club in Europe: Paris Saint-Germain. The Parisian club, in fact, will be part of a series of exhibitors who will show items that merged the two worlds, creating a new hybrid that has been gaining more and more support in recent months. In particular, PSG will bring some pieces of the celebrated collaboration with Koch√© Paris, represented by Christelle Kocher, founder and creative director of the Parisian brand